IFI’s history is intimately linked to the evolution of refrigeration and refrigerated showcases in Quebec. Closely following the course taken by the company is that of the company’s founder, Pierre De Castris Jr., who has worked in the field of refrigeration for the last forty years with passion. His visionary and forward-thinking spirit quickly propelled IFI to success and fame. Mr. De Castris has surrounded himself with valuable assets, finding and hiring some of the most highly skilled collaborators in the area of refrigeration. This has led him to create, develop, manufacture and market some of the most aesthetically pleasing, sturdiest and best-performing refrigeration appliances available.

Part of IFI’s resounding success can be explained by the fact that the Canadian company has created appliances borrowing from European design ideas, adapting the latter to North American technology and know-how. Inspired by this great energy, the team at IFI entered the new millennium with fervour, certain of becoming a world leader in the area of refrigerated showcases for supermarkets and convenience stores. IFI’s story is a story of passion... A passion that is seen and felt every day, a passion that is governed by the talent of the company’s employees and inspired at every turn by world trends in refrigeration.
Over the years, we’ve built strong relationships with our partners. They’ve come to rely on our state-of-the-art products as well as our expertise to help their businesses grow.
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